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Ink   — Items found: 4
M3330G/A Apple Color StyleWriter 2500 Black Ink 1.00 3 Compatible with StyleWriter 2400, Canon BJC 4200
Same as BCI-21
M3329G/A Apple Color StyleWriter 2500 Color Ink 1.00 2 Compatible with StyleWriter 2400, Canon BJC 4200
T014201 Epson Stylus C40UX, 480, 580 series Color Ink 3.00  
T032420 Epson Yellow Ink for Stylus Color C80 11.65  
Software   — Items found: 1
WNM14001   Desert Storm 1.00  
Paper  (Paper, CD/DVD Labels, etc.) — Items found: 4
M2658G/A Apple Ink Jet Transparency - 20 x Letter Size 0.50  
7-10790 Quill Laser labels, (4"x1") 100 8.5x11 sheets of 20 15.00  
PLA Masterpiece Linen PaperŅAlpine White 0.05  
68665 Fellowes Neato VCR Labels, 20 Labels, Matte Finish 10.75  
Adapter  (Audio, Video, etc.) — Items found: 2
F2N018 Startech.com IBM Keyboard Adapter, DIN 5 M - PS/2 F 2.50  
G08-212   USB A Female to PS/2 Male Adapter 4.00  
Cable  (Cables: USB, ADB, etc.) — Items found: 3
PN309 Farallon PhoneNet Connector, DB-9, used 1.00 These are all used connectors, but appear to be in fine shape.
PN308P Farallon PhoneNet Connector, DIN 8, used 3.00 These are all used connectors, but appear to be in fine shape.
F2N957 Belkin SCSI Terminator 3.00 1  
Disk  (Magnetic media) — Items found: 3
SQ200 SyQuest 200MB Cartridge 5.00 Price limited to quantity on hand
10168 Iomega Jaz 1GB Cartridge 3.00 Price limited to quantity on hand
10598 Iomega Jaz 2GB Cartridge 10.00 Price limited to quantity on hand
USB  (Various USB Devices) — Items found: 1
VT-120-3600-01 Turtle Beach Music Studio Kit (w/10' Midi to USB keyboard cable) 34.00 One available at this price
Books  (Clearance Priced) — Items found: 3
0201844451 Pearson Dreamweaver MX Visual Quickstart Guide 3.00  
52495 Peachpit Press Real World Scanning 1.50 David Blatner and Steve Roth
0-201-35421-7 Peachpit Press The Little iMac Book by Robin Williams 1.00 for G3 iMacs running OS 8
Music  (Sounds and Songs) — Items found: 1
DEBR001 DNE David Edwards - The Collected Archives 9.99 David's first two albums: David Edwards & Get the Picture remastered along with nearly an hour of bonus material. (Unreleased demos, live cuts)
Misc   — Items found: 1
10176-000 Harris M110 replacement impact tool blade 10.00  
Modular  (Keystone jacks & plates, etc.) — Items found: 7
048-0059-ND Digi-Key 4 wire RJ 11 wall plate 0.10 While supplies last
558521-2 AMP Modular box, 2 port, Sfc mount, almond 5.15  
558521-1 AMP Modular box, 2 port, Surface mount, black 5.00  
406339-1 AMP Modular port blanks, almond 0.10  
406339-3 AMP Modular port blanks, white 0.10  
40276-1 Leviton RJ-25 (6 contact) surface mount, single 0.10  
PH-JBS-6 Leviton RJ-25 (6 contact) surface mount, single 0.10  
ApplePart  (Apple Service Parts: Limited to on hand quantity only.) — Items found: 6
922-0805 Apple CD Bezel PM6100 0.50 4 part number is for pack of 10. Price is per bezel.
922-0850 Apple CD ROM carrier for most beige Macs 0.50 2  
922-3204 Apple Communications Slot Cover, 6xxx Series 0.50 1 Fills the hole that is left when you remove the modem
922-3770 Apple HD50 to 25 pin SCSI Adapter 5.00 1  
922-0349 Apple Mouse Ball, ADB II, Gray 22.23mm 0.50  
A9M0338 Apple One Scanner Replacement Lamp 1.00 1  
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